Emotional Support Stuffed Animals

Posted: October 28, 2022
Emotional Support Stuffed Animals
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In one way, these Emotional Support Stuffed Animals from Emotional Support Critters That Care are a middle finger to the airlines that have put the smack down on people buckling a "Working" vest they found online onto any ol' pet so they can bring it on the plane with them.

But in another way, Emotional Support Stuffed Animals are just what we've come to as a society. Everyone has special requests, special needs, restrictions, and requirements for maintaining their physical and emotional balance. It's kind of bullshit, I don't really blame the airlines. For once. On this one specific thing, and nothing else, but in every other respect they suck big doodie.

But as a funny white elephant or gag gift that won't actually be used for special treatment and attention-getting, Emotional Support Stuffed Animals are terrific ideas. Especially given the critters the line includes. No golden retrievers or labs here, but you can get yourself an Emotional Support Honey Badger - one who do give a shit. Or an Emotional Support Tarantula. Or how about an Emotional Support Manatee? Anteater or Armadillo? Rattlesnake?

All Emotional Support Stuffed Animals come with an emotional support animal harness, a "Do not pet, I'm working" key ring charm, and a personalized registration ID card with a badge holder.

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