Abducktion: A Weirdly Strategic Duck Kidnapping Game

Posted: December 03, 2023
Abducktion: A Weirdly Strategic Duck Kidnapping Game
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I feel like the name "Abducktion" definitely preceded the concept and rules of play for this Weirdly Strategic Duck Kidnapping Game. Some dude was under the influence of THC, or psilocybin, or Coors Light, and some other dude said the word, "abduction," and the first dude got it caught on repeat in his head, like Abduction, abduction, ab-duc-tion, abduc-sheee-on, ab-duc-duc-duc-tion, ab-duck-duck-duck...goose! Ab-duck-tion. Abducting a duck. My duck has been abduckted! It was an Abducktion!

"Dudes! We should totally make a party game about kidnapping ducks! We could call it Abducktion!"

"Dude! That's not bad! Would it be, like, coyotes kidnapping ducks from the farmer's flock to eat, or Scrooge McDuck stealing ducklings for an army, or...interns on UFOs stealing ducks for...uh...research purposes?"

"Dude! Definitely a UFO behind the abducktions! And interns and...research purposes...really flesh out the storyline. Let's make the game, like, strategic too."

"Dude! Yes! And not just strategic, but weirdly strategic!"

Yep, I think that's about how it went down. And now, my dudes and ladies, we have the fine-feathered results of that night of THC / psilocybin / Coors Light in Abducktion: A Weirdly Strategic Duck Kidnapping Game.

Abducktion is designed to be a simple-to-learn, quick-to-play game for adults and kids 12 and up. Following a 2-minute explanation on gameplay, players - the UFO interns looking to swipe ducks "for research purposes" - must draw a Formation Card, and begin abducting ducks to align on their personal playing board in the design the card specifies. Spatial logic and strategic play will allow the Abducktion winner to be the first to kidnap and rearrange their ducks according to the Formation Card. Total time for each game is 15 to 25 minutes.

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