Back to the 80s Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit

Posted: February 24, 2019
Back to the 80s Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit
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Hasbro's newest edition of Trivial Pursuit combines the best of Stranger Things with the best of the 80s with the best way for Millennials to show up Boomers in a classic board game the latter will assume is filled with trivia about the Great Depression and Woodstock when you ask if they want to play. Haha, real estate hoarders who refuse to retire, this time it's the younger generation that's going to hog all the pieces of the pie!

Yeah, I know. They're still made of plastic and come with no career advancement opportunities or retirement savings.

Back to the 80s Stranger Things Trivial Pursuit includes trivia about both the Netflix show itself and the pop culture of the decade as a whole. The game board, though, is all Stranger Things, complete with Portal spaces that, when hit, flip a panel on the board to send all players to the Upside Down. Trivia categories include: Movies; TV; Music; Famous People and Events; Trends, Tech and Fun; and Stranger Things.

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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