Banana Pool Table

Posted: August 14, 2013
Banana Pool Table
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Time to brush up on curving the cue ball. Here are a few observations about bananas and pool and Banana Pool Tables:

  • British artist Cleon Daniel created the Banana Pool Table. The reason for his having done this is inexplicable.
  • People seem to have very opposing views on banana consumption. My friend Constantine will eat them only if they are still almost entirely green, whereas I side more with babies and old people with no teeth, and prefer mine nearing the stage of rotten.
  • Some people claim their billiards proficiency increases in direct proportion to the quantity of alcohol they consume.
  • One time I read that if you peel a banana from the bottom up none of its stringy fibrous nasty shit will be left behind on the fruit. After trying it several times, I concluded the tip is a crock.
  • Air hockey is better than pool.
  • Strawberries are better than bananas.
  • I used to watch an Asian lady with very long hair mop the floor with her competitors when ESPN aired national pool championships. A squat white lady with a blonde mullet who always wore a vest and polyester pants that made her look like a riverboat casino card dealer was pretty good too.
  • Males partaking in games of Banana Pool better mind how quickly and at what angle they turn towards this table, or their bananas are going to be on the very unpleasant receiving end of one of the ends of this banana's.
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