Barking Kittens - Exploding Kittens 3rd Expansion Pack

Posted: August 16, 2020
Barking Kittens - Exploding Kittens 3rd Expansion Pack
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If you like Exploding Kittens - you sadist, you - you'll probably also like the party game's 3rd expansion pack, Barking Kittens. Though by the title, it sounds like the 20 new cards included in this release are more into roleplaying than BDSM.

Don't let my filthy mind give you the wrong idea, though. Barking Kittens is a family-friendly expansion pack made to refresh the original Exploding Kittens game, not specifically tailored to its NSFW Edition. With more cards illustrated by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, here are some of the meowsome additions Barking Kittens brings to the game:

  • The Pair That Changes Everything. Matching Barking Kittens that gives players the chance to play chicken with each other. If you play yours first, the other holder has to give you half of their cards.
  • Tower of Power. You get to wear the cat hat, and put choice Stash cards on top of your head. Players who want to steal from you must select from that pile.
  • Dog Pile to the Sky. Play of this card forces every other player to put a card of choice face down on top of the Draw Pile.

Barking Kittens fits right in with its fellow oddballs, Imploding Kittens and Streaking Kittens, for a fully expanded Exploding Kittens expansion game.

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