Bob Ross Bingo

Posted: October 04, 2019
Bob Ross Bingo
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Holy happy little trees! How munch money are people making off Bob Ross these days? Bob Ross Bingo now? Yes indeed. Bob Ross Bingo. With cards for up to 16 players, and 42 different Bob Rossisms and Rossian friends decking them out in dozens of wonderful nature's most wonderful colors.

Welp, put it on the shelf next to the Bob Ross Bath Soap, Bob Ross socks, Bob Ross Mints, and life-size Bob Ross cutout.

Bonus points go to Bob Ross Bingo seller Prime Party, who outline the game pieces included as: 16 Bingo Cards; 42 Calling Cards; 400 Bingo Chips; and Hours of Fun (Not Pictured).

So, what do you shout when you think you've won Bob Ross Bingo?

That's right: "Afro!"

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