Boom Boom Balloon Game

Posted: April 06, 2023
Boom Boom Balloon Game
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The Boom Boom Balloon Game is the kind of game that's...not my kind of game. Players take turns shoving sticks into holes that will make the balloon pucker, with the goal of not being the poor bastard whose stick maxes out the balloon's puckering capabilities, and makes it POP! in everyone's face. Which, in a lot of ways, makes the Boom Boom Balloon Game worse than Perfection, Operation, and even Lightning Reaction Reloaded.

Because at least in those heart pounding, stressful, panic-attack-inducing games, only one of the players is affected by their loss. Only one player has the board pieces fly up in their face, the metal edging BZZZT! at them, and the controller physically ZAP! them. But in Boom Boom Balloon, all players at the table have to suffer the anxious anticipation of the final stick, the stick that makes a frickin' balloon explode in everyone's face, winner or loser, when it connects.

Not this dude, though. Boom Boom Balloon can boom, boom, boom in someone else's room. I'll just grab my earplugs and a deck of cards, and settle in for a fine evening of Solitaire.

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