Bottle Bash Frisbee Game

Posted: June 16, 2018
Bottle Bash Backyard Game
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Backyard. Beach. Bottle Bash. Cornelius, I'm about to Bash up your hand-eye coordination this summer.

According to Poleish Sports, their Bottle Bash "combines elements of virtually all outdoor games and lawn sports." All of them. How ambitious and postmodern America. Bottle Bash requires players to throw, catch, strategize, engage in teamwork, play offense, and play defense during every toss of the game's frisbee.

A simple pack of 2 stakes, 2 unbreakable bottles, and a frisbee set up in about a minute for anyone up for Bottle Bashing it out in the backyard, beach, or park. Players decide how far apart to space the stakes - 20', 30', or 40' - based on age and ability levels. You can play with either 2 players or 2 teams, with individuals taking turns throwing the disc at the opposing side's pole / bottle, the latter balanced ripe for the bashing atop the former.

While the offense is aiming to take a bottle out, the defense must try to catch both the frisbee and, if contact is made, the falling bottle. All players are active participants in every play. If the defense drops the thrown disc, offense gets 1 point. If they drop the bottle, it's 2 points. For both, 3. Gameplay goes to 21.

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