Custom Photo Rubik's Cube

Posted: December 04, 2012
Custom Photo Rubik's Cube
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Grandma's gonna love this. True, the Rubik's Cube will take her 5 solid days of frustration and curmudgeonly mutterings to complete, but once she does, check out her reward: six shots of my precious sweet baby face mugging for the camera! Custom Creations Unlimited allows buyers to swap out the boring, circa 1970s oranges and reds and blues of the standard tactile manipulation brain teaser for photos of their choice with which to dazzle--and then enrage--themselves, or whomever the ultimate Rubik's Cube recipient may be. Check out the geeky devil who decorated his (I'm just assuming it's a fellow he) 2-1/4" cube with 8-bit video game scenes. Ooh, that's almost as cool as a Mario Toilet Seat. More popular amongst many for Rubik's surface coverage will probably be babies and lap dogs though. Both of which look a lot like what I'm going to bedeck my cube with: aliens and monkeys!

To create a Custom Photo Rubik's Cube, visit Custom Creations Unlimited, and follow the directions for uploading your six electronic JPEG (preferred format) files. Ideally, they should be sized to 900 x 900 pixels, though smaller images can occasionally work too. Once product specialists review the uploaded images, they will contact you if a desired image is deemed not to work well on the allotted space.

Note: Orders received by December 5, 2012 are guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

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