Electric Shock Puzzle Cube

Posted: November 23, 2015
Electric Shock Cube
  • Electric Shock Cube
  • Electric Shock Cube
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Sometimes Santa leaves coal. Other times Santa leaves a puzzle cube that electro-shocks the ever-loving misbehavin' out of the naughty boys and girls on his list.

No one can resist the call of the cube. Turn it once, turn it twice, turn it--bzzz! Yuk, yuk, yuk. As stocking stuffers, white elephant gifts, set out conspicuously beneath a hidden camera on the break room table, this prank is guaranteed never to get old. At least not until the 3 x 3 cube breaks, which will probably be after about a week of use. It looks pretty cheap. Cheap thrills deserve cheap quality though, 'ey?

For shocking fun with conscious and willing participants, check out the even more buzzworthy Lightning Reaction Reloaded.

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