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Posted: August 14, 2016
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Flux is metal and magnets, geometry and physics. Flux is for ye who fidget and ye who do tricks. Flux is a bringer of zen relaxation, party conversation, and experimental demonstration. Flux is a physics-based toy made of a pure copper cylinder with a hole through the center and a hole-through-the-center-sized magnetic ball. Drop the ball through the cylinder and watch it fall through. V E E E E R R R R Y Y Y Y slowly.

Flux uses Lenz's Law to achieve its anti-gravity effect. Meaning that when you drop the ball into the tube, it creates a changing magnetic field against the surrounding wall. This generates a voltage called electromotive force, and since the Flux is made of highly conducive metals, the voltage subsequently creates electrical eddy-currents that begin to circulate.

Now a second magnetic field forms that affects the one the ball brought on. According to Lenz's Law, this new magnetic field" is always directed to oppose the motion that has generated it"--that is, the movement of the ball. The result: the faster the motion, the stronger the slowing force gets. They say Feel Flux becomes "addictive" to play with due to the dynamics between the moving ball's opposing magnetic fields, and feeling no attraction at all when the ball stands still.

Capiche? Just watch the video.

Flux currently comes in 2 different models. The original Feel Flux has a pure copper cylinder wrapped in leather, and is a premium, desktop toy . The Skill Flux swaps out the copper for an aluminum alloy cylinder to promotes a perfect ball speed. It's faster than the Feel and designed so you can stack up 2 or more cylinders to pull off tricks or extend the ball-slowing experience.

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