Free Toss Basketball & Hoop Swing Game

Posted: October 29, 2018
Free Toss Basketball & Hoop Swing Game

At first I thought this little Free Toss contraption was a hybrid of basketball and tether ball - standard basketball hoop and ball, but with the addition of a rope leashing the ball's range and shooting path. Since I've never had the best shot, I was like, "Sweet! Now underhand lob shooting won't just be acceptable, it will be the only way to score at all!"

In reality, the Free Toss blends basketball with the bar classic "ring-on-a-string" game. Which is maybe even better in terms of installation requirements and probability of injury, and still allows me to "shoot" underhand.

The Free Toss game consists of a mini bamboo basketball hoop you mount to a wall instead of the traditional hook. The tethered plastic basketball then hangs from the ceiling. Instead of trying the swing a ring in a perfect arc that latches it onto the hook, you swing the ball and aim to sink it in the hoop. Clever.

The Free Toss basketball and hoop swing game is a top Dude pick for anyone looking for gifts for teens.

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