Goat Yoga Party Game

Posted: November 09, 2019

If you weren't sure if yoga could get any worse than goat yoga, or party games any worse than your cousin's vaping intervention, baaaaad news on both fronts: the Goat Yoga Party Game.

Not only do Kikkerland's inflatable goat and yoga pose cards look silly and desperate in their attempt to bleat all over a passing fad, but if you consider what's actually going on here - people attempting to balance a goat on their head / back / ass while holding precarious poses most of them can't really get into in the first place - you might also consider that playing Goat Yoga in your home is going to result in 1) broken items; and 2) party guest injuries, for which they will later sue you.

And if you're going to assume that risk, why play Goat Yoga when you can play the much simpler (and sexier!) classic Twister, or the truly buzzworthy Shocktato instead?

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