Handmade Wood Yo-Yos

Posted: July 06, 2020
Handmade Wood Yo-Yos
$18.95 - $21.95
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Rich at Boise Woodworks doesn't need many ingredients to cook up his handmade wood yo-yos, but like any great chef, his skill in combining and finessing them make the prepared dish magic. Or, in the yo-yos' case, magic waiting to happen in your skilled hands.

Rich runs his woodworking shop solo, so every yo-yo that comes out of it is conceived, carved, and assembled by him. Likewise, every yo-yo is unique. He uses either a single exotic piece of wood and adds geometric and/or colorful accents, or glues multiple types of wood together to create an equally handsome design.

Each yo-yo has a stainless steel axle and ball bearing to wind the string, rather than a more traditional wooden shaft. Rich says this tweak "really improves the responsiveness of the yo-yo, giving you the old time feel of a wood toy with the playability of a modern yo-yo."

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