Hexcup Reusable Beer Pong Cups

Posted: September 18, 2023
Hexcup Reusable Beer Pong Cups
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I am featuring this set of Hexcup Reusable Beer Pong Cups in honor of my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power. She-Ra and I are currently enjoying a wee vacation in the great state of Canada, staying in a not-inexpensive Airbnb (as Airbnbs are wont to be these days) and upon arrival, my wife made a complete inspection of the home we're renting, and particularly that home's kitchen. All was going reasonably well - she was happy about the spice rack, disgusted by the multiple, enormous bottles of Ranch Dressing and Heinz Sweet Relish left behind by previous renters, and smug about having brought her own chef's knife, as the ones here are, as she predicted, "dull pieces of sh*t."

But then She-Ra: PoP got to the Lazy Susan cabinet. Inside she found an assortment of glass and plastic food storage containers for leftovers - nod of approval - followed by...a set of red plastic cups and an unopened package of beer pong balls. "What that actual fungus, Dude?! Who puts a beer pong set in the kitchen?! And with the tupperware?! It's actually a pretty dumb place to put the tupperware too, a complete waste of space for nonperishables, but a beer pong set?! Do stupid humans even play beer pong anymore?!"

"Uh...yeah? We...I mean they...kinda do?"

And those of us...them...that kinda do, would probably enjoy doing so even more with a set of Hexcups. Hexcups add 6 distinct edges to the rims and bodies of your standard circular red party cups. The honeycomb-inspired design allows you to set up "a perfect beer pong rack every time," removing gaps between the cups to facilitate faster play and reracks. The bottoms of the cups are also reinforced and slightly raised with an embossed hexagonal shape to prevent cup movement during games.

Hexcup Beer Pong sets come with 22 Hexcups and 3 pong balls.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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