Icosahedral Projection Earth Puzzle

Posted: June 30, 2019
Icosahedral Projection Earth Puzzle
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Made based on the icosahedral projection method, this Earth Puzzle is going to be a doozie for even the most adept puzzle masters and possessors of spatial intelligence. Another name for its type of loosey-goosey configuration is an infinity puzzle, which means it is infinitely reconfigurable, has no edges, and no fixed shape. So no corner pieces, no North, and no South for you! No soup either!

When assembling you can decide to try to get the landmasses to join together, or connect the oceans. Or say F it and make your own version of earth.

No matter the approach, a puzzling puzzle the Earth Puzzle will surely prove to be. It might not even stop at puzzling. I can see this sort of endeavor stirring up deep frustrations and hair-pulling fury. It seems the Earth Puzzle expects that though, and is probably why instead of your standard notched square puzzle pieces, its assembly comes courtesy of 16 unique pieces shaped like adorable animals from around the world. Elephants, giraffes, hawks, and foxes form the building blocks of the 441-piece Earth Puzzle.

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