I've Venn Thinking Game

Posted: January 30, 2023
I've Venn Thinking Game

I've Venn Thinking about how to describe I've Venn Thinking, and I'm gonna go with this: a party game similar to Cards Against Humanity, but that trades in the fill-in-the-blank / Mad Libs feature for...are you ready for it?...Venn diagrams.

But don't worry, the I've Venn Thinking Venn diagrams don't require you to answer logic puzzles or IQ test questions, just to come up with the best reason that Tom Cruise and the month of February, or Kim Kardashian and The Incredible Hulk, are related. You can choose answers from 520 pre-printed similarities cards, or make up your own.

I've Venn Thinking "Topics" cards are transparent red or blue circles you overlay / pair to create each round's prompts. There are 100 each of them. Similarities cards each have 2 answers printed on them, and while they don't appear to be NSFW, you'll still get some laughs playing the game. and also, that edition of I've Venn Thinking is probably coming.

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