Jenga: Tetris Edition

Posted: May 29, 2017
Jenga - Tetris Edition
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Tetris and Jenga gave me the most heart-pounding action I ever experienced as a kid. Oh, and Perfection, but one time of one those pieces flew out and hit me in the eye so my mama made me stop playing it. Just thinking about those games makes my palms sweaty right now. So combining them? Making a Tetris Edition of Jenga? I hope my heart can take it.

At least the game doesn't come with music.

What Jenga: Tetris Edition does come with is translucent Tetriminoes instead of standard Jenga blocks. It includes 6 of the 7 shapes from the video game - I, T, S, Z, J, and L - whose angles make block removal and restacking even more of a challenge.

Another fun Tetris twist to this Jenga's rules of play is that if you can create a solid level with no gaps as you restack your block, you get a bonus: the ability to choose the next player.

Like the idea of tangible Tetris, but not the stress of manipulating a teetering tower? Check out Tetris Link, a slower and more deliberate real-life version of the video game.

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