Joking Hazard - Build Funny (and Terrible) Comics

Posted: December 15, 2016
Joking Hazard - Build Funny (and Terrible) Comics
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What game could be better than combining leading and inappropriate partial thoughts to make profane and hysterical complete ones? Joking Hazard. A game that combines leading and inappropriate partial thoughts to make profane and hysterical complete ones...with pictures.

Comic strip-style.

The makers of webcomic Cyanide & Happiness have put their digital genius to print--and invite you to add some of our own--in this build-your-own 3-panel comic strip, "EXTREMELY not-for-kids" party game. Comic panel cards feature the Blue Shirt and Green Shirt characters from Cyanide & Happiness in various interactions and conversations. Most of them are completely innocuous. On their own. But pair Blue Shirt telling Green Shirt, "Your mom and I are getting a divorce" in panel 1 with Green Shirt replying, "That's a relief" in Panel 2 with Blue and Green Shirt going full-on makeout in panel 3, and you get...something other than innocuous. Joking Hazard is for all of you obscene and dirty minds out there who would say that something is hilarious.

Joking Hazard rolls with 3 or more players willing to create explicit and occasionally offensive comics about friendship, violence, sex, and North Korea. Each round 1 player serves as the judge and kicks it off by drawing the first panel card from the deck. S/he then adds a second card from his / her own pile to either side of the first. The remaining players put in their best "punchline" card facedown for the judge to read anonymously. The judge's favorite gets the point for the round.

Joking Hazard comes with a box of 360 cards, including 10 for you to fill in with your own words.

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