Level Up Board Game Platform

Posted: May 14, 2020
$68.55 - $361.10
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Level Up. The perfect name for a modular platform with 6" legs set on your tabletop to, in every sense of the word, elevate your board, card, and role-playing games.

Level Up platforms serve a simple purpose: add enough space to your playing table to accommodate all of your boards, pieces, sheets, cards, figures, dice, and tokens, plus essential snacks (pizza!) and libations (steins o' beer!) The platforms come in 5 different prepacked sizes, but since they are all based on 12" square side and corner modules, you can ultimately buy a Level Up kit to fit any size table you have, or game you want to play.

Not only is the Level Up board game platform a genius product I wish I'd invented, but it's one its actual inventor, Spidermind Games, was shocked to find no one else had developed before. At printing, Level Up had raised over $1 million on Kickstarter, and was taking pre-orders for their modular mini tables from non-backers as well. They expect to start shipping in September 2020.

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