Mindcrushers Ridiculous Conversation Cards

Posted: November 29, 2020
Mindcrushers Ridiculous Conversation Cards
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Mindcrushers isn't just a set of Ridiculous Conversation Cards, it's a set of Ridiculous Conversation Cards created by 2 of the creators of another beloved set of ridiculous cards: the ones Against Humanity. Further, these outlandish hypothetical questions, conundrums, Would you rather? scenarios, and thought-provoking (i.e., funny / weird / dirty) discussion setups do not require players to be seated together at a table. Or even seated, or even together at all.

In other words, when Mindcrushers inquires, "If you had the opportunity to raise a clone of yourself as your own child, would you do it?" it will be just as easy to dive into the topic during your drive to the mountains.

And when Midcrushers asks you to ponder, "If you could replace your penis, or a penis you love, with a robot penis that's superior in every way - bigger, harder, more sensitive, smells great, vibrates, whatever you're looking for in a penis - would you do it?"hey, sounds like a great hypothetical to bring up during a lull in the messaging on your dating app.

And my personal favorite (so far): when Mindcrushers asks you, "Would you rather live in the world you live in now, or instead, in a world where you make $50,000 more but your farts come out of your mouth instead of your asshole?" well. Get ready for some lively conversation on your Zoom call with the extended family after Christmas dinner this year!

I may have forgotten to mention it, but like Cards Against Humanity, Mindcrushers Ridiculous Conversation Cards are rated R, and marked for ages 17 and up.

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