Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

Posted: March 28, 2020
Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle
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Pure White Hell. What a phrase! Here it applies to the Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle, but I can think of several choice applications.

I'll stick to the puzzle for now.

Despite its angelic hue, I think Satan would indeed be a proud papa to this 1,000-piece beast, the nature of which is clearly purely demonic. Facing the jigsaw looks like a fate equal to facing Jigsaw John Kramer himself, and it's one reason I did not include the Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle in my list of the best jigsaw puzzles to do when you're stuck at home. Who needs a pastime that's going to drive them even more insane than quarantines, layoffs, and homeschooling their children right now?

What's that? You do? Well have at it, dude. The Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle has a finished size of 15" x 10", which means not only are its pieces all white, but they're also micro-sized. To make things infinitesimally easier, though, Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle pieces all have markings on the back that allow you to separate them into the puzzle quadrants where they belong.

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