Right Or Racist: The Party Game About Stereotypes

Posted: December 04, 2019
Right Or Racist: The Party Game About Stereotypes
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Hey everyone, still in search of the perfect party game for the holidays? Right Or Racist has multi-generational Christmas dinner, multi-cultural families meeting for the first time, and especially office holiday parties with nail-biting HR departments written all over it!

The Party Game About Stereotypes seeks to capitalize on our current social and political climate for sure, but it also claims to provide a platform that will "help us learn about one another and ourselves, engage in useful dialogue, and most importantly, to laugh." I can just hear my Aunt Jan now: "I'm not racist, but I do think...." Or my wife's cousin Toby: "I'm sittin' Indian-style and I don't care what you libtard snowflakes have to say about it!"

Or my father-in-law to my wife: "Your firm struck gold with you, kiddo. A smart and qualified woman who doesn't just get pregnant and take leave 6 months out of every year." (Mother-in-law: "Sniff, sniff. But that's not to say we don't want grandchildren!")

Wait, what's that last bit you said, Right Or Racist? "To laugh"? Ha! Well, the thought at least is funny. But I imagine laughter and good humor aren't going to dominate gameplay here. Maybe some nervous chuckles as everyone sits down to start and wonders what the white privilege they've gotten themselves into.

Right or Racist comes with 300 stereotype cards, 100 debate cards, and 100 player cards. Each round one player, the Big It, flips over either a stereotype or a debate card, and the other players vote Right or Racist. Stereotype cards have their correct answers written on the back, and those who choose correctly get to keep their player card. With debate cards, all players must vote Right or Racist simultaneously, and then debate the answer.

If you need a politically charged or controversial gift this year, Right Or Racist should be right up your alley. Just like that priest's finger when you were a kid.

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