Star Wars Death Star Perplexus

Posted: September 08, 2015
Star Wars Death Star Perplexus
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Frustration, blurred vision, and neck cricks, now with a Star Wars theme! The spherical Mazes of Death that are Perplexus games have produced their own Death Star. If you thought it was tough for Luke and Han to take down the Dark Side's battle station, wait 'til your try your own hand at navigating an X-wing Starfighter through the ship's spiraling chutes and precarious pathways.

With the addition of lights and sounds, the Star Wars Perplexus gives every fan 8 and up the chance to fight for the Alliance and destroy the Death Star. The 3D puzzle requires no batteries for use, and is suitable for one player, or multiple players taking turns. And tilts. And leaps. Just remember: the only way to defeat this Death Star is to use The Force...gently.

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