Subsoccer Under-Table Football Game

Posted: February 06, 2023
Subsoccer Under-Table Football Game
$649 - $2,418
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Who wants to play footsie - no, I mean footie - under the table? Subsoccer is a new kind of tabletop soccer / football game where all the action happens not on the tabletop, but under it.

Creator Jarno Saarinen came up with the idea for Subsoccer almost 15 years ago, while trying to watch 2008 EURO's Spain vs. Russia game and play with his daughter at the same time. A table surrounded by a net with attached cushioned benches serving as the goals, he calls it, "The first table football game played like real football with your feet." I'd say it's also a multi-tasker's and a fidgeter's dream.

Subsoccer is currently available in 2 versions. Subsoccer 7 is the flagship, higher-end model. Each game is hand-assembled in Helsinki, Finland, and arrives numbered . Subsoccer 3 is its lighter, fold-flat counterpart, ideal for indoor or outdoor use at home or on excursions.

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