The Terra Pill Kendama Coordination Toy

Posted: February 13, 2017
The Terra Pill Kendama Coordination Toy
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Terra Kendama has created The Pill, their own redesigned version of the traditional Japanese Kendama toy, to test your hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflexes. These tests are super fun ways to pass the time and experiment with creativity. And also super quick ways to frustrate the hell out of yourself and learn how far you can chuck a 4" cylinder of wood. Closed shut in its namesake Pill formation, and then maybe again split apart medieval-flail-style into its spiky and blunt halves dangling from the ends of a string.

Terra Kendama tried to design The Pill for maximum playability, with tricks accessible to beginners as well as seasoned manipulators. They say, "If you enjoy satisfying spikes, well-balanced spacewalk lines, tricky balances, and creative string tricks, then perhaps The Pill is just what you've been craving."

The Pill comes in various styles and colors, as well as a 6" Jumbo Pill model.

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