TrueBalance Coordination Game

Posted: November 05, 2019
TrueBalance Coordination Game
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I don't need a handheld Jenga tower to tell me I've got no TrueBalance. Walking up the steps with my mug of coffee does that just about every morning.

TrueBalance is a coordination game for kids...and adults...that tests your ability hold still and steady, cool and collected in the face of adversity. In this case, adversity comes in the form of a set of magnetic, rotating wood discs and a grip handle that serves as their base. Your goal is to stack all of the discs in their natural, catawampus state, and then use hand and arm movements to shift them into alignment, a perfect stack.

The TrueBalance tower helps to hone fine motor skills and concentration, and can be particularly helpful for kids on the spectrum, or who need work on sensory perception. For adults who think they've mastered such things, try stacking your TrueBalance discs with your non-dominant hand, or upside down.

There is also a TrueBalance Pro version of the game that piles discs both on top of and underneath the wood grip.

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