Viking Rune Divination Set

Posted: January 14, 2022
Viking Rune Divination Set
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Welp, an Elder Futhark Viking Rune Divination Set is about as trustworthy of a source for news and information about the future as anything else these days. Seller The Norse Tradesman even calls using the set for fortune-telling "highly interpretive," much like Tarot. And, I would add, everything you read on the internet and see on cable news.

The Viking Rune Divination Set includes 24 genuine ox-bone rune pieces and a leather pouch that opens into a leather mat for rune casting. To use the Elder Futhark set, you'll toss 1, 2, or 3 pieces onto the mat, letting the gods determine how they come to rest, and using the pattern to determine what wisdom, help, or warning they're providing you.

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