Vintage Bookshelf Board Games

Posted: December 16, 2022
Vintage Bookshelf Board Games
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These Vintage Bookshelf Board Games from WS Game Company are, to quote the late, great Chris Farley, awesome! I mean, have a gander yourself. Vintage Monopoly folded and packed up all tidy to look like a book: awesome! Circa 1948 Scrabble board, tiles, racks, and scorecard built and bookified: awesome! Chutes & Ladders - Chutes & Ladders, dudes! - packaged in a linen-wrapped bookshelf case with all components and graphics inspired by the OG 1979 edition: AWESOME!

In all, WS Game Company has taken 12 original board games from our, our parents', our grandparents', and, in the case of Chess, our ancestors' childhoods, and turned them into display-ready "books" that will look dashing on any shelf. Vintage board games are sold separately, in sets of 2 and 3, and, if you really want to splurge for game night, the whole, dozen-strong lot. Check it out above.

Vintage Bookshelf Board Games are all Hasbro productions, with the exception of chess, which they couldn't license because it came out, like, 400 years before they did. In addition to those mentioned, 10.63" x 8.38" x 2.63" Bookshelf cases contain the following board games: Clue; Boggle; Yahtzee; Catch Phrase; Scattergories; Sorry!; Candy Land; and Mystery Date.

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