Gauss Rifle Rocket

Posted: March 17, 2020
Gauss Rifle Rocket
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A message from American Scientific's Gauss rifle, a chain reaction magnetic accelerator, or desktop cannon, styled after a NASA rocket: the learnin' don't stop just 'cause school got coronavirus canceled, kids! And the cubicle warfare don't stop just 'cause you're workin' from home, grown ass men!

American Scientific made this Gauss rifle rocket to serve as a nifty physics lesson on chain reaction and magnetic acceleration. (And no, it didn't have to be a rocket, but firing steel pellets out if one's nose like they're, uh, spaceballs is so much more fun.) The rocket cannon is divvied into 4 stages, and comes with 4 wood mini-barrels and 9 pellet projectiles. Embedded between each state of the rocket are neodymium magnets.

To start the chain reaction, you release 1 steel ball towards the first stage magnet. When it strikes, as with billiard balls, it transfers its energy through the magnet and spacer, into the next steel ball, which continues the process. And continues the acceleration of the projectiles. The more stages a magnetic accelerator has, and the more powerful the magnets it has installed at each stage, the faster your final projectile will shoot out towards your target.

In the case of this Gauss rifle rocket, the wood mini-barrels. Or your lined-up Gummi Army Guys.

American Scientific does not recommend its Gauss rifle rocket for anyone under the age of 14.

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