Cashmere Hammer Rattle

Posted: January 23, 2023
Cashmere Hammer Rattle
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I've met my fair share of Velvet Hammers in my day (pretty sure I even married one) but this is the first Cashmere Hammer that's crossed my path. Too bad it's a rattle for kids, and would be completely preposterous for me to buy for myself. Even though I have so much in common with it.

Like, the Cashmere Hammer Rattle and I are both extremely masculine, but also soft. So very soft, our target audiences (babies for it, ladies for me) can't help but touch and stroke us.

And we both have the ability to make soothing noises that can calm and relax all in our company. .... Or, yeah, fine. Drive them crazy.

Handmade by Pompon Design, the Cashmere Hammer Rattle is sewn from recycled cashmere, and stuffed with wool. Also embedded between its gentle layers is a rattle that makes a tinkling sound when the hammer shakes or strikes. A great gift for the wee ones, and also for their newly-minted dads.

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