Glow Fusion Bubbles

Posted: October 29, 2014
Glow Fusion Bubbles
$4.96 - $6.02
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They call them Super Miracle Bubbles because they glow. At least the Glow Fusion Bubble Solution glows. The bubbles it produces appear to have about the same luminosity as every other bubble. Which doesn't necessarily make the entire product uncool for events like campfires and Halloween, but does make me feel its name should be demoted from Glow Fusion Super Miracle Bubbles to something more along the lines of Normal Bubbles That Glow Before They Get Turned Into Bubbles.

Glow Fusion Super Miracle Bubbles come with Infusion Activators that light them up when blended in. Packages are sold as 4-ounce bottles with Activator I and II mixers.

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