Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Posted: March 25, 2020
Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit
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Seems like a pretty good time to, as Scientific Explorer's Disgusting Science Kit puts it, "Educate your child on what actually grows on their own body." You know, bacteria. Mold. Coronaviruses that are going to kill Nana and Pappy.

For kids 8 and up, the Disgusting Science Kit is a fun way to teach your little petri dishes about body parts, byproducts, and the biological functions that make them little petri dishes. It comes with everything you'll need to create a stinky intestine, some slimy snot, and fake blood, plus instructions on how to grow friendly molds and bacteria.

In addition to a fun bit of STEM learning, the experiments and activities in the Disgusting Science Kit might also leave your children with a new appreciation of good hygiene practices, such as handwashing, mouth- and nose-covering, and not eating their own boogers.

But probably not.

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