The Swurfer Swing

Posted: February 17, 2016
The Swurfer Swing
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I was wondering the same thing: what's the load-bearing capacity on this swing? Some of us are in luck. The Swurfer has a respectable 250-pound weight limit, plus comes with adjustable handles to set it at a range of heights and positions. Imagine the standing pendulums, the aerials, the dismounts you could do with this thing. Start printing the flyers, Cornelius. The Summer 2016 Backyard Swing Surfing Games are on.

Oh, if you have kids, the Swurfer is a swell toy for them too.

The Rob Company calls its Swurfer "the swing, reinvented." They say it packs more power, more excitement, and more tricks than your standard flat slat or tire. Then again, if riding the big air waves is too much, the Swurfer can also sway calm and easy for littler kids and ladies in sundresses looking for Instagram ops.

Swurfer boards are made of hard-rock maple and fitted with 80' of high-strength, double-braided, UV- and mildew-resistant rope. The rope is long enough to hand the swing from a 20' branch.

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