LEGO Home Alone House

Posted: October 22, 2021
LEGO Home Alone House
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This isn't just a LEGO Home Alone House, it's a LEGO Ideas Home Alone House. The original design comes from 26-year-old Alex Storozhuk and, as of November 1, 2021, Kevin McAllister, the Wet Bandits, and all of their holiday shenanigans will be on sale as an official LEGO set. Also notable: at 3,955 pieces, LEGO Home Alone will be the largest LEGO Ideas set the brand has released to date.

On the outside, the LEGO Home Alone House looks just like the idyllic Chicago brick home used in the movie. But, also like the movie, the real fun begins when you go inside. Open the completed build dollhouse-style to reveal the inner workings of chez McAllister - the attic, Buzz's room (tarantula included), the bathroom with the iconic aftershave scene - plus the reworkings Kevin did to trick and set booby traps for Marv and Harry.

Five minifigs are included with the Home Alone set: Kevin; Marv; Harry; Old Man Murray; and Kevin's mom (played in the movie by Catherine O'Hara, also of Moira Rose / Schitt's Creek fame).

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