Life-Size Inflatable Elephant

Posted: February 27, 2019
Life-Size Inflatable Elephant

No, it's not a life-size African bush elephant, but at 10' long and 7' tall, calling this inflatable replica of nature's most majestic beast "life-size" isn't an exaggeration.

And the best part: as long as you weigh under 200 pounds, you can mount and ride your PVC pet Ellie.

And the other best part: if you weigh over 200 pounds, you can still make good use of a life-size inflatable elephant as the centerpiece of your next kid's birthday party, summer BBQ, or yard art installation meticulously crafted to lower your neighbor's property value.

The elephant's realistic looks comes courtesy of maker Jet Creations' line art images, rendered with a 4-color printing process. The inflatable is made of extra thick material with double stitching and reinforced seam construction. It has 5 air chambers for stability and comes with a 12V DC portable electric pump and repair kit.

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