Magnetdabbles Dual-Tip Magnetic Pens & Fidget Toys

Posted: August 21, 2022
Magnetdabbles Dual-Tip Magnetic Pens & Fidget Toys
$20 - $49
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Magnetdabbles is for dudes and ladies and kiddos who dabble in many different disciplines, but mostly those involving drawing, doodling, fidgeting, and being mesmerized by magnets. And don't think in choosing their demographic Magnetdabbles is being too niche, at least not before you see also: POLAR Pen; Think Ink; and Hoverpen.

Magnetdabbles are double-tipped and multi-magnetically-connectable for all your journaling, arts & craft, decompression, and school project needs. Further, the magnetic pens provide endless fun and mental resets as fidget and building toys - snap together as many as you like to build model towers, bridges, and drone-like structures, or to draw 2, 3, 5, 20 Magnetdabbles at a time. You can also use the pens' pull-and-attract characteristics to perform "flip, fold, flick, click, tap, slide, spin, snap, stack, and re-stack tricks and diversions.

The dual gel pen tips and magnetic bodies of Magnetdabbles are seeking crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through August 30, 2022. Backers can choose from sets of all-black or colored pens.

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