Magnetic Hand Putty

Posted: March 02, 2017
Magnetic Hand Putty

It's the baby Blob! I wonder if this Hand Putty's magnet is strong enough to make it go all tongue-stung-by-a-bee-looking from inside a jar. Not that I'd want one. Shivers. I was 8 years old when that movie came out and I cannot believe my mama let me see it. If I had social media in 1988 I would have given it a giant Dislike, and many poo emojis for the amount of crap it left in my pants.

The magnetic putty, like everything these days, bills itself as a swell intelligence builder for kiddos and stress reliever for anxious adults. They even go so far as to say it can "prevent senile dementia after playing," which my gut tells me is approximately 0% true. It's putty. Cool putty filled with magnet granules that let you lift and shape it, or allow it to devour its magnetic cube Blob-style, but still mostly just a pile of goo.

The putty includes the pictured magnet and storage tin, and comes in 6 different colors.

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