Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Box

Posted: September 24, 2017
Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Box
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Welp, here's one puzzle box I don't want to solve. I don't care what I could stash inside Hellraiser's Lament Configuration, I don't care if it's just a prop replica taken from an allegedly fictitious horror flick, and I don't care if it's Halloweentime. I do not mess with scary clowns, possessed children, or Pinheads.

For film fans who want a demented desktop display piece, the Hellraiser Puzzle Box shown here has been "meticulously handcrafted following the strict specifications of the original boxes from the movie" by The Puzzle Box Maker. That's what he calls himself, The Puzzle Box Maker. Hmmm. Given their proclivity for highly literal names, sounds like a Cenobite to me.

The PBM recreated his Lament Configuration using Simon Sayce's designs for the puzzle boxes used in Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2. The panels are etched in 0.005" brass and laid over mahogany. Two sides are lacquered in black, and the others show the wood grain.

Each Hellraiser Puzzle Box ships with a certificate of authenticity and a puzzle box stand.

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