The Goliathon Steampunk Gun

Posted: April 25, 2012
The Goliathon Steampunk Gun
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The Goliathon is a formidable gun of the steampunk persuasion. An apocalyptic machination of copper, brass, and steel that harnesses the power of a full-size steam locomotive. A mammoth burly enough to annihilate an army of green pigs, and to make Nancy Grace shut the F up with a single round. The Goliathon is not, however, invincible. As its name suggests, this brutish darling of arms fanatics does have a between-the-eyes sweet spot. It goes by the name of Nerf.

Yes, it's true. Superbly mad Professor T. Lemetry created the 2 1/2' Goliathon from a Nerf Vulcan automatic dart cannon. And while it is sublimely souped up with real metal elements, such as gauges, copper piping, brass embellishments, and a solid metal valve wheel, its only real power is that of intimidation. Still, as a prop and a collector's item, the Goliathon is an unparalleled embodiment of the steampunk world. Not to mention one of the sickest reincarnations a plastic progeny of the Nerf brand is ever going to see.

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