Vampire Killing Kit

Posted: August 19, 2011
Vampire Killing Kit

I need one of these for sure. Not just for display either.... For killin'! Some creepy dude named The Somber Raven made these Vampire Killing Kits and they're pretty legit. You can tell they're what's bolstering him from downtrodden up to somber. The detail of the hand-carved stakes, the authenticity of the handmade rosary, the grave purpose of the Cuadros De Los Muertos scroll, I know Abe Lincoln did it with a mere axe, but this is the 21st century. We need sunlight-emitting ray guns.

The Vampire Killing Kit can be used for costume, theatrics, movie, and display purposes. It is hand "antiqued" to look as if it were used for many years by a fearless 19th century non-US-President vampire slayer in the depths of Transylvania. This kit was created after meticulous research into the mysterious world of Vampirism, and includes all necessary prop weapons to slay the dreaded beasts.

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