Zoltar from Big

Posted: October 07, 2012
Zoltar from Big
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For $9,000, Zoltar will grant your wishes just like he did for Tom Hanks in Big. Yeah, $9,000. Because like the cost of health insurance and postage stamps, the cost of wish granting has inflated exponentially since 1988. I mean, didn't mini Josh Baskin pay only a nickel to got to bed and wake up an adult? For nine grand, I better go to bed and wake up with a Rolls, a chauffeur to drive it, and a 6-foot Swedish model who is also a certified massage therapist to sit next to me in the back seat.

The animatronic fortune teller reaches 6-1/2' tall from his perch inside a mystical oak cabinet, and will impart both spoken and printed fortunes to those who seek his counsel. When Zoltar senses your presence, he will invite you to approach him. For a quarter (on top of the $9,000!) he will nod his head up and down, illuminate a crystal ball, and dole out one of 16 verbal assessments of your future, and one of 23 written words of wisdom on a paper card.

Zoltar's own detailing includes the customary handlebar mustache, beard, and gold head wrap that legitimize him as a sixth sensed maestro, as well as a gold shirt, paisley vest, and fancy baubles. Total measurements of the cabinet and sage inside are 77" high x 27" wide x 25" deep.

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