AeroBand PocketDrum Electronic Air Drum Sticks

Posted: January 16, 2020
AeroBand Electronic Air Drum Sticks
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AeroBand's PocketDrum brings the audio, the visual, and the tactile to air drumming so everyone can smell what you're cookin', and get a taste of your talent when you rock out.

Or be spared the sound altogether as you slip on some headphones and drum in complete silence. You're welcome, studying roommates. No problemo, in-laws at the dinner table.

Pair via Bluetooth 4.0 to an AeroBand app, PocketDrum electronic air drum sticks lay out a virtual drum kit in the empty space before you. In addition to authentic sound - delivered at a latency of less than 6ms from when you hit one of the drums - the sticks produce LED visuals synced to your rhythm, as well as provide haptic feedback so you can feel the beats you bang out. The digital drum set has unique vibrations for each of its drums, plus varies the intensity of the vibration according to how hard you're playing. The sticks' light show reacts similarly.

The AeroBand app comes with 3 modes of drum play: tutorial; game; and freeplay. PocketDrum sticks have built-in speakers that can pump out pre-recorded music or rhythms to play along with, and drumming sounds include snare, tom-tom, and cymbals.

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