Waterphone - Horror Sound Effects Instrument

Posted: September 16, 2017
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The waterphone. Those who hate scary movies might call it torture for the ears. Those who love them? Will call it their new favorite instrument.

Originally created in the late 60s by artist Richard Waters, the waterphone is an inharmonic instrument with a resonator bowl base, cylindrical neck, and encircling rods of different lengths. Add some water to the base and use a violin bow or drumstick to strum and strike out eerie, atonal notes on the waterphone. Some quick experimentation will produce a full range of sound effects you'd hear in a horror or sci-fi movie. Or maybe Free Willy, since this waterphone's seller points out the low howls also sound like the calls of a whale.

The waterphone here is made of stainless steel and has 30 metal rods ready to use it live creepy sound effects to spook out your Halloween party, or spook your girlfriend out of bed the night after you go see It.

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