PasTEX Connectorz - STEM Building with Spaghetti

Posted: January 07, 2020
PasTEX Connectorz - STEM Building with Spaghetti
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PasTEX Connectorz regret to inform you that their kit for STEM building with spaghetti does not come with the requisite spaghetti; it is sold separately. But before you fall into a panic over where you're going to find the elusive key ingredient to this carbo-loaded construction set, PasTEX Connectorz are also quick to point out that spaghetti is "available in the pasta aisle at most grocery stores." So no spaghetti with your purchase, but explicit instructions on how to obtain some. Phew! I think we can proceed.

The PasTEX Connectorz serve as flexible joints and stabilizers that allow makers young and old to create structures from everyone's favorite dried noodle. The pack comes with 100 Connectorz that bend, twist, and stack to help form anything from basic geometric shapes to more elaborate bridges, animals, or perhaps an Italian chef to put all the leftover spaghetti to equally good use in a nice Pasta Bolognese dinner.

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