Pix Brix Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks

Posted: March 04, 2020
$4.95 - $69.99
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If you never got enough of 8-bit and pixelation on your screen, Pix Brix turns the digital desktop fun into the 2D and 3D analog kind with their pixel art puzzle brick sets.

Pix Brix need no base plate, water, iron, or glue to stick together, and because of that, once you slide-and-lock (or press-and-connect to go upward) their patented pieces in place, you can take them apart again just as easily to build something new. Yes, Pix Brix are kinda like LEGOs, no one's trying to pretend they're not. But these blocks build on the LEGO design with a lateral assembly option for creating plate-less flat pieces of art, and then skew it with their funky pixelated aesthetic.

And, if you can't be a total Pix Brix convert, the pixel art puzzle bricks are compatible with LEGO and other major brick brands.

Pix Brix come in brick sets of varying sizes and colors, plus some massive 1,500- and 6,000-piece mixed color containers. You can also get specific 2D and 3D Pix Brix sets (hello, Bob Ross, Luchadors) plus a special Pix Brix tool that makes creating artwork and builds, as well as dismantling them, much easier.

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