Shiny Movie Ticket - Light-Up Ticket for Dark Theaters

Posted: March 04, 2020
Shiny Movie Ticket - Light-Up Ticket for Dark Theaters

The Shiny Movie Ticket is simple design brilliance with a punch! Li Peitong won a 2019 A' Design Award for his clever idea to punch out the row and seat number of ticket stubs, so moviegoers entering a dark theater can just hold it up to the screen to see where their seats are.

It's white paper meets black ink meets the first day of creation. Let there be light!

Shiny Movie Tickets eliminate the need to squint and shine your phone's flashlight on your stub, which doesn't just make the process easier for you, but is also less disruptive to the people who got to their seats before all the lights went off.

Aside from its thoughtfulness and nifty execution, the most amazing thing to me about the Shiny Movie Ticket is that it indicates movie cinemas now have assigned seating. Is this true? I prefer front row couch seating for 98% of the films I see, and it's a waste of money to take She-Ra: Princess of Power to the movie theater because she falls asleep during the first 30 minutes of whatever's playing, so if reserved seating is true, that's as much news to me as the Shiny Movie Ticket's solution to finding it.

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