Slinky Piggy Bank

Posted: August 06, 2019
Slinky Piggy Bank

Ah, Slinkies and coins, my favorite things from the 80s mashing up to make the Elongation Piggy Bank*. The Slinky stasher doesn't make many changes to the original walking spring, but it does make 2 crucial ones: caps on either end.

One of the caps is completely sealed to catch your coins as they drop in, Slinky scrunched and standing on that end. The up end cap has a coin slot for deposits. And unlike some piggy banks with evil locks or destruction prerequisites for accessing your hard saved cash, the Elongation Piggy Bank makes getting the goods out even easier than putting them in. Just pick up the spring, and let the Slinky slink.

Hey, I said it was easier, I didn't say it was tidier.

*Yeah, I know the Slinky comes from the 1940s, but I played with them, and collected my nickels and dimes to buy ice cream and gumball machine toys, in the 1980s.

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