120 dB Electric Bike Horn

Posted: October 11, 2021
120 dB Electric Bike Horn
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Sure, a 120 dB electric bike horn could be a nuisance. Say, for example, attached to the handlebars of a gang of 8-year-olds' bicycles, and sounded every half block in ear-rupturing unison, or a cacophonic orchestra, as they go for after-school joyrides around the neighborhood.

But for those same 8-year-olds, a 120 dB electric bike horn could also serve as a life-saving alert when sounded during a Stranger Danger situation. And for any cyclists, or scooterists, a super loud bike horn can grab the attention of drivers who don't see you coming up alongside them, or pedestrians focusing more on walking and texting than their surroundings.

Mountain bikers may be the biggest beneficiaries of a bike horn whose output level is the equivalent of a bangin' rock show or a chainsaw in the face. They can use it to scare off bears and wildlife that might otherwise aim to do more than just scare them.

The electric bike horn shown here operates on a rechargeable battery that's typically good for 20 to 30 days of use per charge. The horn casing is rated IP65 waterproof, and is anti-dust and shatter-resistant.

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