Baseball Hat Bicycle Helmet

Posted: May 21, 2021
Baseball Hat Bicycle Helmet
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Look like a style icon riding your bike with this baseball hat bicycle helmet.

Haha, sike! You're still gonna look like a dork, but perhaps not the big ol' dork levels of dorkiness you would wearing a standard bicycle helmet. Not that that matters when it comes to cycling safety - you won't care what you look like if you end up dead, or brain dead, or paralyzed, or permanently disfigured, so always wear your helmets, kids.

But speaking of dead, and brain dead, and paralyzed, and permanently disfigured, is adding a baseball hat bill to a bicycle helmet a safe thing to do? Seems like if you fell off your bike and face planted on the pavement, the helmet's brim wouldn't so much as break your fall as it would push towards the hard shell of the helmet itself, jam the chin strap into your jugular, and ultimately strangle you. Or maybe it would bend down and form a barrier against your face, protecting you from a kisser full of road rash.

Let's hope for the second one.

The helmet portion of the baseball hat bicycle helmet is made of PVC lined with EPS foam to resist impacts and absorb shocks.

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